February Edition 2020

Bibi’s story…

We met Bibi on a sunny afternoon in 2015. Due to a change in life circumstances her owner was no longer able to keep her. We agreed to wait a couple of days before deciding whether or not to adopt her. However, after one look at her cute black and white face we were sold and agreed to pick her up the next day. We weren’t quite expecting the challenge that followed…Bibi was extremely nervous around both dogs and humans and so our journey began. We kept the first couple of weeks as quiet and calm as possible, slowly introducing her to people and experiences. We decided that it would be useful to contact Simone who works at www.pawsitive.co.uk, not only did she help us identify causes to her nervousness and gave us invaluable training advice, but we also became good friends. The training had a real focus on us as owners and our understanding of Bibi. There have been many challenges along the way but we know that by following a routine and by trying to prevent Bibi from having to deal with stressful situations (along with a lot of treats) we have a very loving and happy dog (if a little crazy), but we wouldn’t want it any other way. We have lived in a large London development for nearly 10 years but, like many other people, hardly knew any of our neighbours. We would commute to work, meet friends in town, and go home to sleep or crash out on the sofa over the weekend. With Bibi moving into our flat, and us starting to walk her in green spaces around the development, we soon met lots of other dog owners. We joined a group for dog owners on the development and soon developed a large group of dog friends. We now feel truly at home and part of a community that helps each other. Whenever we walk to the train station, we leave an additional 10 minutes as walking through the development we always bump into familiar faces and stop for a chat.  When we adopted a dog, we could have never expected to not only gain a furry family member but also make lots of friends.  Does your dog have a behavioural issue you’d like to discuss? Join the conversation today on our PetsNet. We have a team of guest experts that regularly check the site and share some advice. The forum aims to create a powerful online community driven resource. A place to chat, meet other members, share information and offer advice and tips on everything pet related.
The rise of Pet Friendly UK

Pet friendly UK has come on in LEAPS and BOUNDS since Vinnie arrived in our lives more than 7 years ago, it’s almost become trendy and we love it. When Vinnie was a young pup it was difficult to find somewhere we could take him locally as almost none of our local bars and cafés allowed dogs inside. Thankfully that’s all changed in recent years, we would now struggle to find somewhere he isn’t welcome! We salute all the big names who have paved the way for pet friendly policies with a number of bars, restaurants and hotels greeting our canine friends with doggy menus, treats, water bowls, beds, spa and grooming services, dog beer and pawsecco. Some of these wonderful venues include Drake and Morgan, BrewDog, M Restaurants, Fullers pubs and hotels and a number of Four Seasons hotels nationwide. We were beyond excited when John Lewis announced that their stores are dog friendly earlier this year, not because I have any particular interest in dragging Vinnie shopping but because we all now have the choice, sometimes families shop together! Following their ban on the sale of fireworks recently (thumbs up), Sainsburys are hosting our friends at a Christmas pop up for 3 days this December, a slap-up Christmas dinner for dogs served by silver service style waiters at Hus Gallery in London with all proceeds going to Guide Dogs UK, WOOF. Day Spas, hotel pet turn down services, doggy food and drink menus, silver service, it really doesn’t get much better. There are however those out there who don’t have the opportunity to avail of the glitz and glamour in the pet friendly world, those who struggle on a daily basis just to exist and live in comfort and peace with their best friend. I read an article in the Metro recently about one such person and it made me sad and angry in equal measures. Christopher Palmer whose medically prescribed emotional support dog Tammy helps with his severe depression and anxiety is facing eviction from his home by Plymouth Community Homes. Despite evidence from his doctor that his dog is essential to his life and well being and that a move from his home could be detrimental to him, Christopher, a vulnerable man is being put through the stress and indignity of the court system. Thankfully the judge has given him a stay of execution until January to consider his case however in this day and age this is simply not acceptable in our opinion. There have been no complaints about Christopher’s dog, he has support from neighbours and friends. We need formal recognition for the importance of the human animal bond and the benefits of emotional
Treats that go further!

What makes Barry, Bibi, Pablo and Vinnie literally shake with anticipation and excitement? Why ByBenji Biltong of course. We asked Roz (Founder of ByBenji) to divulge some of her secrets about the best treats in town.  “When it comes to a high value dog treat, brands will strive to create something that little bit different! Well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Yet, when a dog treat is seen to change a dog’s life and help support canine contentment, then it’s worth taking another look…or sniff! The now legendary irresistible reaction that is spreading through the dog treat world is from ByBenji Biltong…but what is all the beef about!!!  Well actually, it’s Silverside Beef, yes, pure Silverside of Beef is the one and only ingredient (straight from London’s Smithfield Market!!) and the treat collection is an adaption of the traditional Human snack Biltong!  Uniquely marinated, these slices of raw beef treats, seem to have an aroma that has magical pooch powers.  Not only does it keep a dog focused and support recall training, it genuinely keeps their noses interested enough to occupy hours of fun with a treat toy too! Yet one of the most touching testimonies is that nervous dogs who have been through trauma and distress have been seen to show more interest in eating and socialising when near an open bag!  One snack for man maybe…but now ByBenji saves the day for dog kind too!”  By Roz Lishak Discount code – PAAWHOUSE15 www.bybenji.com  
PetsNet: Join the conversation

PetsNet aims to create a powerful online community driven resource. A place to chat, meet other members, share information and offer advice and tips on everything pet related.  On a personal level the idea is based on the fact that such a resource would have been invaluable to me personally over the years but in particular when going through some very challenging times dealing with negative pet policies and blanket bans on pets.   We at PAAW House are not going to take all the credit for this idea, we were inspired by MumsNet. We can personally resonate with Justine Roberts story of how MumsNet came about. Her journey started with a family holiday, ours started in our family home! As mentioned earlier we were going through some very challenging times, a three-year court battle ensued, during which time we received dozens of messages via a variety of channels. There were messages from people in similar situations, messages of support and even messages offering advice and help.  I realised at this point that we needed a dedicated platform where people could share stories, support each other and offer advice in the pet world, who better to look to look to for inspiration than the people who had already done it for Mums and Dads. In fact, we were so inspired we wrote to them for tips and advice and they incredibly kindly took time out to respond and wish us luck, nice one MumsNet we’re very grateful.  We hope in time we can create the same support resource for pet parents as MumsNet have provided for all the parents out there.  If you would like to join our team of guest experts or our moderator team please drop us a message at [email protected]  Join the conversation on PetsNet now!   By Gabby Kuehn
Paaw House party
PAAW House X StreetVet Party

We would like to say a big thank you to our ever increasing PAAW members and friends, for joining us on Sunday and making our first charity event of 2020 a barking success. We had a pawsome time meeting you all, thanks to you and your humans we raised over £1200 for StreetVet. StreetVet are an amazing charity made up of volunteer vets who look after the dogs of the homeless.  Thank you, Jade Statt, co-founder for taking the time to speak to our guests about the work that they do. We’ve had lots of feedback about Jades presentation with many (including myself before the PAAW journey) not previously understanding the bond between a homeless person and their dog. We look forward to continuing to support their fantastic work which includes helping to change misconceptions. Thanks also to some of our four-legged Instagram stars who made the day special @bilbo.pomkins, @kobebabyofficial @gizmo_uk, @paaw_pablo, @paaw_barry, @cedric.the.pomeranian, @londondaxie , @a_slice_of_frenchiepie, @romeo_pompom, @the4leggedfoodie, @the_life_of_claude, @princethecuppom, @archietheirish, @minniemurphy16, @litogodfather, @theo_the_maltesemonster, @gizmoandthebear, Belinha from @thedogvine and for taking part in the photoshoot to raise awareness for our One Voice Campaign.  Apologies if we missed you, if you would like to join our official members guest list for future events we invite you to register at PetsNet and let us know, it’s FREE and ensures you will never miss an invite or a mention. As always, our number one supporter, celebrity guest editor and all-round party animal @burlybearpom was on hand to entertain our guests and keep them partying into the wee (dog) hours.   Finally, we couldn’t have had such a great day without Vickie Flores, photographer, Ben Oakley and David Bray, artists (for our rather subtle flags and placards), Lord Ant B, DJ, @bybenjidogtreats for the best treats in town, Lucy from @youandthedog, Butternut Box for the lovely dinners and the wonderful staff at The Happenstance for their hospitality. We look forward to hosting lots of future events with our friends at Drake & Morgan. We hope you enjoy our photo gallery; the photos are free to save and share, please credit Vickie Flores. We look forward to welcoming you to our next event very soon, details and updates will be posted on our PetsNet forum, its free to register, so make sure you don’t miss out on our events schedule and competitions. The lucky winners of our raffle competition will be announced on PetsNet Events on 31.01.20. What are you waiting for… Check out if you’re a winner! In the aftermath of a great day our spirits were dampened with some very sad news about one of our special guests, our little friend Albie sadly went over the rainbow bridge too soon on Monday.
Burly Bear pupdate

Hello again Burlings,  Let’s get you up to speed on my month so far! I finally got to see my Primark Christmas campaign in stores and online, promoting Christmas dog outfits, toys, collars and leads, we had such a fun day at the studio in Kings Cross being photographed by a photographer who shoots super models (just like me). I bagged another great job this month shooting a behind the scenes video for Clarks online where I got to meet my gorgeous friend Keeley Hawes again, she is a brand ambassador for Clarks Shoes as well as UNICEF. I was extremely lucky to hang out at Clarks HQ and bring a smile to everyone during their work day, plus getting to play with Keeley! I wasn’t meant to be in the shoot with her but Clarks loved our relationship so much they included me! Here I am strutting my stuff with Keeley for their website. It’s not been all work and no play, I have also been to the PAAW House launch party where I met Maggie the Wunderdog, and got to spend time with Lucy from You and The Dog, Teresa from The Dogvine and made lots more new friends. I took my Auntie, we had the best time, I got to show her the fabulous side to my life. If that wasn’t enough, I also got to hang out with Kristen Stewart again who was in town promoting the new Charlies Angels movie and insisted I come along for a cuddle. I do love putting a smile on peoples faces and even got to walk the red carpet in my Rock Dog leather jacket when Kristen was promoting her movie Seberg previously, the paparazzi loved me. I popped into Pom Cafe this weekend too which was fun, they gave me a free Pet Teezer, I can’t wait to brush my fur with it. I met all different shapes and sizes of Pom’s it was the best laugh, me and my mate Thor @Thor.pom.pup spent the afternoon flirting with all the ladies.  Back to work, I am now registered as a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog which means I can visit people who are in need of some comfort or just want a big smile and a cuddle from a small fluffy pooch. I love that I am able to give back to people who are in need of some love and kindness. I also go to the Cuddle Club which is a club where superheroes like me get to visit workplaces to help relieve stress, anxiety and promote a happier work environment. At Cuddle Club I get to hang out with my buddies Chubbs @itschubbsworld, Cedric @cedric.the.pomeranian, Harley @harleybear.29 and Tilly from the @cavdashians. We have just