January Edition 2020

Our Story

Our journey started five years ago, when bubbling with excitement, we moved into our new home. We didn’t realise it at the time but the seed for PAAW House was sown shortly afterwards when we were challenged by a group of residents’ in our building for having Vinnie in our family and taken to court.  In the four years that followed, we experienced wonderful kindness and support from dog-loving communities and animal charities all over the UK. These qualities went on to become the foundation for PAAW House.  Our goal at PAAW House is to create an online community where we can all join together to promote the human-animal bond, campaign for positive pet policies, share our stories, have fun and support each other.   Welcome to the Pet Revolution! By Gabby Kuehn and The PAAW Team  
Maggie the WunderDog

We would like to share the story of an amazing dog called Maggie and her remarkable human Kasey. Maggie is a Wild at Heart Foundation rescue dog who has touched the lives of many not least her loving human companion Kasey, and a shining example of unconditional love. How we can all learn from Maggie in Kaseys words;
Treats that go further!

What makes Barry, Bibi, Pablo and Vinnie literally shake with anticipation and excitement? Why ByBenji Biltong of course. We asked Roz (Founder of ByBenji) to divulge some of her secrets about the best treats in town.  “When it comes to a high value dog treat, brands will strive to create something that little bit different! Well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Yet, when a dog treat is seen to change a dog’s life and help support canine contentment, then it’s worth taking another look…or sniff! The now legendary irresistible reaction that is spreading through the dog treat world is from ByBenji Biltong…but what is all the beef about!!!  Well actually, it’s Silverside Beef, yes, pure Silverside of Beef is the one and only ingredient (straight from London’s Smithfield Market!!) and the treat collection is an adaption of the traditional Human snack Biltong!  Uniquely marinated, these slices of raw beef treats, seem to have an aroma that has magical pooch powers.  Not only does it keep a dog focused and support recall training, it genuinely keeps their noses interested enough to occupy hours of fun with a treat toy too! Yet one of the most touching testimonies is that nervous dogs who have been through trauma and distress have been seen to show more interest in eating and socialising when near an open bag!  One snack for man maybe…but now ByBenji saves the day for dog kind too!”  By Roz Lishak Discount code – PAAWHOUSE15 www.bybenji.com  
PetsNet: Join the conversation

PetsNet aims to create a powerful online community driven resource. A place to chat, meet other members, share information and offer advice and tips on everything pet related.  On a personal level the idea is based on the fact that such a resource would have been invaluable to me personally over the years but in particular when going through some very challenging times dealing with negative pet policies and blanket bans on pets.   We at PAAW House are not going to take all the credit for this idea, we were inspired by MumsNet. We can personally resonate with Justine Roberts story of how MumsNet came about. Her journey started with a family holiday, ours started in our family home! As mentioned earlier we were going through some very challenging times, a three-year court battle ensued, during which time we received dozens of messages via a variety of channels. There were messages from people in similar situations, messages of support and even messages offering advice and help.  I realised at this point that we needed a dedicated platform where people could share stories, support each other and offer advice in the pet world, who better to look to look to for inspiration than the people who had already done it for Mums and Dads. In fact, we were so inspired we wrote to them for tips and advice and they incredibly kindly took time out to respond and wish us luck, nice one MumsNet we’re very grateful.  We hope in time we can create the same support resource for pet parents as MumsNet have provided for all the parents out there.  If you would like to join our team of guest experts or our moderator team please drop us a message at [email protected]  Join the conversation on PetsNet now!   By Gabby Kuehn
Let…Pets Let!

Our mission at PAAW House is for the UK to be the most pet-friendly place on the planet and this is a mission shared by our friend, Russell Hunt at Pets Lets.   The UK is, a very pet-friendly nation; however, we are seriously lagging behind with the legalisation that allows people to keep pets in specific accommodations. Russell at Pets Lets agrees, and has been doing his bit to help people find long and short-term pet-friendly lets in London. We recently met him to find out more about his business. “The number of people looking for pet-friendly properties has increased throughout my years as a London search agent, but the attitude of landlords and freeholders towards pets has not changed. Pets Lets came about because over the years I have inherited three dogs from people who found themselves in non-pet friendly buildings. Research shows us that pets bring wellbeing and happiness and are considered by many to be part of the family, so it’s very sad when families have to give up their pets. Our mission is to help London landlords recognise the important of pets and become more flexible. We also aim to raise the profile of London as a pet-friendly destination, and so offer 100% pet-friendly rentals. If we don’t have the right property or location, we will find it for you. All our properties are currently in Zones 1 & 2 and we try to make sure they are close to commons, parks and communal gardens. We also offer everything from short lets to holiday lets and long lets with pets. To help owners we also have a Petcierge service, where your pet is looked after if you need to go out, and a London Pet Guide, that shows you the best places in London to visit with your four-legged friend.”  Russell Hunt – Founder Pets Lets www.petslets.co.uk   By Gabby Kuehn and Russell Hunt
Meet Barry the Puggy

Vinnie and his crew love making new friends and since we started working on PAAW House we have made many. One of our favourite places is Instagram where we met a great chap called Barry. Celebrity doesn’t faze Vin, but it’s always a plus when you meet a nice guy who also happens to be famous, and Barry is one of those guys. He recently invited us to his party in London to celebrate getting his blue tick on Instagram (more about that later), and we had a good chat with him and his humans. This is what he had to tell us.  So, let’s give a big welcome to our celebrity pal – Barry the Puggy.  “Being a celebrity dog isn’t as fun as it sounds… I’m Barry, and I’m a Pug from the West Midlands. You may recognise me from adverts with Now TV, Virgin Media or from the delicious bags of food you see in the pet shop. Despite all of this, my life is very ordinary! I do all the usual stuff that all dogs do such as napping, playing and of course snacking! I enjoy walks in the sunshine, but not the rain and I like to bark at the TV, especially when I see someone who looks just like me!  Being Instagram famous does, of course bring its highlights! The best thing is all of the new friends I have met along the way. My social life is also better than the average human, and my calendar is always jam-packed with fun events and social gatherings. Most recently I got to enjoy a trip on a barge in Islington on the canal with loads of my pug pals, and I am currently planning a big charity party in London! Okay… So maybe it is as fun as it sounds?”  Barry – @barry_the_puggy And here’s a quick word from Barry’s owner Nicole, in case you’re wondering who Barry is lucky enough to live with. “Ever since I was a kid and saw the cute little pug called Frank on Men in Black, I knew one day I’d have my own ‘Frank’. At the age of 26, we moved into our new home, and my partner and I decided it was time to get a dog! Along came Barry and changed our lives completely! He is our baby who gives us so much love and despite having temper tantrums over nail clipping and refusing to walk in the rain, we wouldn’t change him for the world!” By Gabby Kuehn, Nicole Lane & Barry Lane