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Grooming is an essential part of any dogs life. There are lots of different coat types that all need different types of attention. We as a species, have bred these dogs in to the styles that we wanted, we have taken them from the environments that they were bred to thrive in, therefore we have a responsibility to ensure that they are properly looked after. This means looking after their skin and coat. Dogs don’t sweat apart from in certain areas like between the pads on their feet, they control their temperature through their respiratory system. They have to know when they are too hot and when they are too cool. An ill maintained coat makes it really hard for the dog to know when to regulate the temperature. Also, as groomers, we have our hands on dogs all day every day and may flag something up that isn’t normal. Obviously we can’t diagnose a problem, we are not vets, but we can flag something up to a vet. In my career I have discovered many cancers in dogs that have been caught early enough to treat.