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Image of the Team pets
Image of the Team pets

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I’m the Boss Lady. I’m super an adopted French Bulldog who is eccentric, loyal and a little wayward (she loves chasing motorbikes and mobility scooters in her spare time).

In the office, I keep the team in line and oversee everything creative; if we feature a great picture, it has to get past me to make the cut.

Lifestyle editor and all-round crazy dog, I the kind of girl you need as your best friend.

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Welcome…My buddy Scampers has decided to take a break, so I've taken over his account. I'm Bibi, an adopted #Frenchie living out my best life in London with my pals: @paaw_vinnie, @paaw_pablo and @paaw_barry. Stay tuned to follow my adventures and see the great work that’s happening @paaw_house🐾 . Don't forget to register and join our pack @paaw_house and you could win £250's of goodies.

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