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Fri 27 Mar 2020 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Mama Shelter London, E2 8PP

Come and join us at Mama Shelter London for an evening of music by the super talented Louise Vilstrup, who has written songs for music artists including Olly Murs and Nelly Furtado. The acoustic set will be hosted in Mama Shelter London’s vibrant and cosy greenhouse which an oasis in the heart of East London!

Bring your pup for a fabulous Friday evening of music and cocktails. Dog Lovers you are welcome to come and enjoy the pup-atmosphere!

Late Night Hounds Featured Artist

Louise Vilstrup: Originating from Denmark and Thailand, Lou is an internationally credited singer songwriter. Following the success of her first EP recorded with Steve Belgrave, she was nominated as Best Female in the Best of British Unsigned. Since then she has co-written with award winning producer James Bryan (Nelly Furtado, Olly Muirs, Jason Mraz), and made music for global brands including Costa Coffee and Thomsons. She recently performed to a sold out audience at The Royal Haymarket Theatre in London together with the London Metropolis Orchestra (Andy Brown), as well as The Qatar Opera House in Doha, performing songs written by Dana Al Fardan, the first and foremost prominent woman in the music industry of Qatar. She has also taken on a leading role as the musician in Katie Green’s newest piece called Beneath Our Feet, an immersive dance theatre + music piece, touring various caves across the UK Summer 2018. Lou plays regular gigs across London, playing jazz and pop, whilst writing and recording her own debut.

Please Note: Sound levels have been taken into consideration and will be the perfect pitch for your pooch!

Music Set One: 6pm -8pm
Music Set Two: 8pm – 10pm

tickets here

*One human and One hound per ticket