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    I’ve just had my dog’s insurance renewal and my premium have doubled!!! Despite not making a claim last year the insurance company claim it’s down to the number of claims with in the industry!

    What can be done? Surely it’s time the industry had some accountability 😡

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    This is something we hit last year too. When Pablo turned 2, even though we had never made any claims, they wanted to double the cost to over £100 a month. When you considered the excesses, terms..etc it just didn’t work for us.

    Shopped around too, and all were very similar.

    In the end I just setup an ISA and have £100 a month (same as the renewal quote) going into it. Hopefully never has to be used, but is there if needed… and the bonus if we don’t ever use it, we have the cash there.

    It really annoys me when the vet ask if you have insurance when providing quotes… sure they increase the costs if going via insurance, which in the long run I suspect has caused the premiums to go up.

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    We have had a similar experience too! Haven’t made a claim – always pay for check ups. Year on year the insurance just keeps going up to a point that it is more expensive than private health cover for humans! Something needs to change!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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