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    I have just got a puppy, what is the best methods for toilet training, I live in a sixth floor flat with a small balcony?

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    Puppies toilet. A lot! The fewer “accidents’ they have in your flat, the easier and quicker toilet training will be. So set aside two weeks where you either don’t have to do much, or can leave him unattended in an area where it doesn’t matter if there are toileting accidents, as well as an available area to toilet – crates and playpens  in your kitchen are helpful at this stage. 

    Ask your breeder what your pup liked to toilet when they were with them, because substrate preferences are learnt really early – at around 5 weeks of age. If your breeder trained on newspaper, get some of this or use puppy pads, if it was grass, use a patch of turf in a cat litter tray.  “Arm” yourself with a good biological cleaner such as “Simple”, and watch your puppy closely for signs of them being unsettled (signs include sniffing or wandering around aimlessly). 

    Your pup will probably need to toilet in a few predictable times:

    A least once every hour

    Soon after a guest arrives

    Soon after a play session

    After getting up from sleeping

    A specific time after eating and drinking that you will have to watch out for and learn. 

    When you notice that your pup may need to toilet, try to entice your pup onto your balcony (check first that it is a safe place for him to go) and reward him when he does it there with gentle praise and his favourite food. 

    If this doesn’t result in progress, you may have to enlist the help of a professional but always remember to NEVER scold your puppy for toileting in the wrong place – this will mean that they learn not to toilet when out on walks with you, and instead try to hide i.e. by toileting behind the sofa or in cupboards!! Good Luck.

    Penaran Higgs BSc Psychology, PgDip CABC (Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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