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    How do I train my dog to stop pulling on the lead?

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    This can be a tricky one to teach, and it all depends on why the dog is pulling on the lead in the first place, is he trying to get to the park? Is or is he trying to get away from you?! Or is he scared of something in the environment which is making him bolt? But if you are sure that it is a simple training issue, (and you may need to check with a trainer) then the following can help. It involves making it really clear to the dog that pulling will not help him get closer to where he wants to go. You will have to be really patient. Remember that dogs have smaller attention spans than us and that sniffing the wee on a tree from other dogs is akin to us reading the gossip pages – who’s been where? what’s their state of health? How is their emotional health? Are they single? etc

    1. Hold the lead in your left hand and treats in your right. Your dog may be in front of you at this stage. 

    2) Put a treat on your dog’s nose but don’t allow them to eat it. Lure your dog in a clockwise circle until they are in the right place. Then release the treat.

    3) Say “heel” and take one step forward. Give your dog a treat and praise for staying by your side.

    4) Then repeat.

    5) After a few tries of this, see if you can walk two steps before giving your dog the treat and praise.

    6) If at any time, your dog pulls in front, stop still and lure them back into position before starting again. AT NO TIME SHOULD THERE BE YANKING!

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