Recognise emotional support animals, ban no pet clauses, protect existing human companion animal relationships.

We call on the government to introduce legalisation that bans no pet covenants in leases and tenancy agreements, recognises emotional support and companion animals and protects existing human companion animal relationships as is common in many countries.

Here are a few important reasons why we believe change is overdue:

  • Create 1000s of homes for rescue pets, loving families who are currently prohibited by such covenants
  • Acknowledge the benefits of animals for mental health and emotional support through affection and companionship, alleviating loneliness and promoting social interaction
  • Eliminate the heartache caused when people whose circumstances change are forced to choose between a roof over their heads and their best friend
  • Open doors for those who choose to sleep on the streets in all weathers because shelters refuse to let them in with their pet
  • Help the sick and elderly who are refused access to their pets in care facilities

There are numerous charities doing amazing work in the UK; looking for homes for rescue pets, educating children on animal welfare, educating us on the importance of emotional support and companion animals, assisting people who live on the streets with the care and welfare of their pets.

There are 1000s of pets already providing emotional support and companionship, including my own four legged best friend Vinnie. Overdue changes in legalisation would open more doors for love and companionship for many humans and animals, as well as making the work of our great charities a little easier.

We hope you can help us by joining our campaign below and if you are active on social media, we also ask you to consider sharing the link with your friends, tag us  @paaw_house, tag our friends in Westminster @dilynofdowningstreet, @robertjenrick and @larrythecat and finally use the hashtags #petrevolution #bettertogether #2020paawvision and #petsarefamily

Every pet has the right to a loving home and every person deserves the right to love a pet.

Gabby Kuehn & Vinnie – PAAW (Pets Are Always Welcome) House.

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