Remove no pet clauses in tenancy agreements & leases

We call on the government to introduce legalisation that bans no pet covenants in tenancy agreements and leases and protects existing human companion animal relationships as is common in many countries.

In proposing a review of the model tenancy agreement, the government are recognising the importance of pets to people, and how traumatic it is to have to give up a pet when moving into rental housing. However, merely changing the wording in the model tenancy agreement will change nothing on its own as itโ€™s not mandatory. Without legislation like that in other countries, landlords can still include blanket bans on pets.

Animal Rescues are full to capacity with pets in need of homes, there are 1000โ€™s of potential loving homes in our country but outdated blanket bans, negative pet clauses and lack of human tolerance and kindness prevent people from providing loving forever homes.

Changes in legalisation would open doors for love and companionship for many humans and animals. France, Canada and Australia have all successfully reviewed no pet clauses to include guidelines that balance the interests of โ€˜no pet peopleโ€™ and remove blanket bans. Surely, we can do the same?

We believe every pet has the right to a loving home and every person deserves the right to love a pet.

Gabby, Vinnie & the PAAW House Team

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