January 2021 Edition

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RSPCA Welcomes New Dog Walking Guidance

The RSPCA has welcomed new guidance from the UK Government which will make it easier for people in England to walk and exercise their dogs amid ongoing lockdown restrictions. Advice for pet owners in England was updated on Wednesday 13th January, and now outlines that people with dogs can go out more often than once a day to exercise their canine companion if necessary. However, people are still advised by the UK Government to “limit this where possible”. The new advice for dog walkers in England can be found on the UK Government website.  England has been under a national lockdown since 5 January – and people may only exercise outside the home once a day. However, the RSPCA says the decision to relax this so pet owners can meet the exercise needs of their dogs locally is a “common sense approach” which avoids discriminating against dogs in single-person households. Previously, multiple people from the same household could use their daily exercise to walk the same dog – but dogs living with one person were restricted to a single walk a day. RSPCA’s view… Dr Samantha Gaines, the RSPCA’s head of companion animals, said: “The RSPCA really welcomes this important new guidance for England from the UK Government, which is a common sense approach for dog owners and their pets.  “Under these rules, dog walkers may now go out more than once a day to meet the exercise needs of their dogs. This stops the rules penalising dogs living with one person – and also ensures more consistency with lockdown rules in Wales, where there is no cap on how many times someone may walk their dog. Exercise in Wales must start and stop from the home. “We all must do our bit to stop coronavirus – so it’s important people understand the restrictions and keep local. Keeping dogs on leads at this time can help ensure social distancing, and will avoid owners unnecessarily coming into contact with one another should a pet need to be retrieved.” Meanwhile, the RSPCA continues to urge local authorities across England and Wales to ease locally-imposed rules on where dogs can be exercised – known as Public Spaces Protection Orders, which often restrict dogs from being walked in certain places. This will help ensure adequate provision of local dog walking spots during the lockdown, to help keep people in their immediate communities and prevent unnecessary travel. Owners of dogs have also been reminded that a friend, relative or someone in the local community can help a vulnerable person, or someone who is self-isolating, with their dog walking – but to closely follow guidance on handover protocols and safety from the Canine and Feline Sector
NewsHound | Issue 9

Hello NewsHounds, wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. This week we feature a study from the National History Museum, a Downing Street scuffle involving Larry the Cat, Animal Sentience information from RSPCA, plus a tribute to Claude and his legacy of friendship and goodness. Tribute to Claude – #CLAUDESMEMORIES We were very sad to hear about the passing of our friend Claude recently. Claude, a beautiful Golden Retriever was a very special boy who was loved by everyone who met him. We were fortunate to meet Claude and his human family a number of times, he was a boy who naturally brought a smile to all who knew him, not easily forgotten. Claude regularly attended dog friendly events; he stole the show at a couple of our charity parties! He had many friends, both human and canine as the tributes on his social media accounts attest, he will be greatly missed not least by his heartbroken family. Claude leaves behind not just a legacy of friendship and goodness, he was also a blood donor helping save the lives of other dogs. We send his family our deepest condolences, we are happy he got to spend Christmas with all who loved him. Rest well, and have fun on the other side of the rainbow bridge Claude, @the_life_of_claude – #claudesmemories. If you would like to find out more about the pet blood bank UK you will find some information here, Canine Blood Bank Charity | Pet Blood Bank UK | Pet Blood Bank UK Does Your Dog Have a Favourite Colour? The 2020 puppy boom was real, we’ve certainly noticed lots of new pups on the block locally. With ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, many new pet parents may not have had the opportunity to socialise or deal with behavioural issues in their new family members. I personally didn’t know about a really useful colour coding system, signifying certain behavioural or health issues a dog may have until quite recently. RED – Caution, I like my own space, ORANGE – I like meeting people, but not Dogs, GREEN – Friendly, I like meeting new friends, YELLOW – Nervous, please give me some space, WHITE – Deaf or Blind, I may not be able to see or hear you, BLUE – Training or Service dog, I am learning new skills or I am working. My own dog, Vinnie can be quite anxious around new dogs, whilst he is not aggressive others may consider him so when they hear him bark. We’ve recently started using his red lead (ironically purchased because red suits him, not for any coding reasons). I have however noticed that other dog walkers do give us more space when

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Tail Wagging Phrases

Anna Webb – Broadcaster, Author, has studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT). She lives in London and is owned by Prudence a Miniature Bull Terrier and Mr Binks, a re-homed English Toy Terrier.  www.annawebb.co.uk Puppy love or is it cupboard love? As a timely reminder that January is Walk Your Dog Month, a recent study revealed that your pooch’s favourite word actually is: ‘walkies”! It beats food related words like ‘dinner’, ‘food’, ‘eat’, even ‘treat.   In a bid to investigate how we’ve been getting on with our four-legged best friends through the pandemic, the study explored how Britain’s pooches responded to words and phrases. Survey results… A survey of over 4,000 pet parents compiled the key words, experts then analysed the comparative heart rates of each dog once these words or phrases were spoken. Based on an average resting heart rate of 115 BPM, the word ‘walkies’ is the most ‘paw-rific’. It raised the average heart rate to 156 BPM, or by a whopping 38 per cent. Proof of cupboard love, food related words like dinner raised Britain’s pooches heart rates to 152 BPM or by 32 per cent. Saying ‘treat’ raised excitement to 151 BPM or by 31 per cent to take the third place in the tail wagging test. At the bottom end of the scale were phrases including: ‘shall we go home” and ‘come on then’, with a shockingly low average BPM count at 100 BPM. But what about training words like ‘rollover’, ‘paw’ or ‘find it’? These seemed to barely raise heart rates at all! Perhaps what the study is unexpectedly revealing is that we’re not spending enough time training dogs to do what they might not think they want to do. Could we be missing a trick?  In my book words used for training like ‘come on then’ should raise heart rates the most. It’s the cue that delivers praise, your attention and high value treats. It’s combining the third most tail wagging word, ‘treat’, to achieve the most important training command – to come here. Besides if your doggy reliably comes when he’s called, the reward is more time off lead to benefit from the most favourite word – ‘walkies’. Similarly training tricks using words like ‘paw’ and ‘rollover’, both yielded a disappointing 117 BPM and 100 BPM respectively. Most responsive breeds The study also investigated if certain breeds were more responsive to training commands than others. Interestingly the top five eager learners were: Frenchies, Beagles, Rottweilers, Labradors and the Dachshund. In pole position Frenchie’s average heart raised by 28 per cent doing fun games, followed closely by Beagles at 26 per cent.  Could this imply
Beat the January Blues – Walking the Dog

Walk Your Dog Month X PAAWs Out and About As we head into a New Year with necessary extended restrictions, those of us with pets continue to celebrate the positive impact our four-legged friends have on our lives. Walk Your Dog Month, which takes place in January, is an International initiative which originated in the US, it’s a great way to shine a light on the importance of exercise and bonding time for both you and your dog. This year for Walk Your Dog Month we invite you to join us for some online fun. As a social hub for pet lovers, at PAAW House we are always thinking of ways to connect our community. Many of us are missing social interactions in these unprecedented times. We would like to invite our members and friends to join us for some light hearted enjoyment, to help us smile and connect throughout January. Walk Your Dog Month x PAAWs Out and About, an online photo sharing competition to celebrate our daily dog walking adventures, destinations and experiences.    Taking part is easy. All you need to do is take some photos on your daily dog walks, (as long as you are in an environment where it is safe to do so). Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #paawsoutandabout. The competition will run across Instagram and Facebook. For Instagram lovers, tag @paaw_house in your photos, those who prefer Facebook can join us @PAAWs United – Pet CommUNITY or tag your photo to @paaw_house. Remember you must use the hashtag #paawsoutandabout to be entered. The winner will receive a London based mini photo shoot with renowned pet photographer, Aurelie Four (when its safe to do so), plus two VIP tickets to PAAWstival 2021. Four runners up will also get VIP entry to PAAWstival 2021. Winners will be announced at the beginning of February and all of your photos will feature backstage at PAAWstival 2021! We welcome photo submissions of your dogs doing anything they love best on their daily walks, within current government guidelines. We want to see lots of happy dog pics, taken in a safe and environment for both you and your pet, to keep us smiling throughout January. We would also love to hear a little bit about the place/photo, if there are any special details you would like to share (not a competition requirement, we are just naturally nosey). This is a fun competition to keep us connected during lockdown restrictions, it is in no way affiliated with Facebook/Instagram. Our photographer is London based but will offer a mini tutorial as an alternative for a winner who is not London based. PAAWstival 2021 (paws crossed)

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Strike a Pose, Pupdate from Burly

Hello Burlings Hope all my dog and human friends are safe and well and COVID hasn’t played too much havoc with your family life. It’s been a tough few months for everyone but my Dad tells me I was a little rock. To be honest I was delighted to have him around all the time! I’ve managed to keep in touch with my friends on Instagram and I had a catch-up call with Vinnie every week to find out what was going on at PAAW House HQ.  Me, Vinnie and the PAAW Dogs, Barry and Bibi had lots of events planned over the summer before lockdown. We were very sad that they had to be cancelled especially as they were in aid of our favourite charities StreetVet and the Wild at Heart Foundation.   Rather than feel sad, Vinnies humans decided to organise an online event, called PAAWstival.  I know it was a bit of a challenge as they had never done anything online before, I thought it was great and even put in a guest appearance. The best bit, PAAWstival raised over £2000 for our friends at StreetVet, who continued to support the homeless and their dogs during lockdown. I must admit, I did miss getting out and about on my usual adventures during those few months, I’ve tried to make up for it since lockdown eased. My Dad bought a bike, I had never ridden on a bicycle before.  It has a cool basket on the front, I get to sit inside wrapped in a blanket and see all the sights whilst he does all the work, result! I We cycled to a couple of family parties in the park, it was safer for everyone to meet outside and the weather was lovely. I also had some socially distanced meetings with Vinnie, we had good fun and it was great to catch up.  It was at one of these meetings I overheard them talking about Dogstival. What? Whoop, finally I was off to a real live dog event with my Dads!   After months with mostly humans for company (no complaints) we were off to Dogstival. We got the train to Bournemouth. It’s a bit strange getting used to seeing humans wearing masks but I know it’s important. As soon as we arrived in Bournemouth, I got to go to the beach for the first time ever. I loved it! I played in the sand, caught a big wave, and totally destroyed my hair, my Dad was on hand to sort that out!   The morning of the festival finally arrived. We were off to a place called (did I hear that right?) Burley Park! I know I’m