April 2020 Edition

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Kratu the Rescue Dog – Dog Stories

Category – Human Animal Bond (with a little bit of fun and rule breaking!) Welcome to Dog Stories 2020, we are opening the series with the story of a very special rescue dog called Kratu, a Carpathian-Mioritic Shepherd who was rescued from Romania as a puppy by Tess Eagle Swan. Tess describes Kratu as “a natural clown who has always has been naughty from a puppy to now. He is also a dog full of unconditional love and compassion. He is a therapy dog at a local school and my assistance dog, as I am autistic. He has made history with inspirational achievements; attended European Parliament, The House of Commons, performed on stage for Autisms got Talent as well as being an ambassador for The All Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group (APDAWG) https://apdawg.co.uk/ and Wetnose Animal Aid https://wetnoseanimalaid.com/. He has changed my life since I rescued him as much as I have changed his. Together we show the world the impossible is possible, he has brought sunshine back into my life” Away from his ambassadorial and charity roles Kratu loves learning new tricks and keeping himself busy on the agility course. He made his debut at Crufts three years ago in the Wood Green Rescue Dog agility display team, and has gone from strength to strength each year, giving his best and final retirement performance in March 2020. Kratus big personality and disregard for mainstream rules first went viral during Crufts 2018 when he charmed viewers with his fun performance, choosing to ignore obstacles, hide in the tubes and have a fun run around, clocking up over 13 million views on YouTube. He went viral again with millions of views in 2019. His spectacular goodbye performance in 2020 was by far his finest, in addition to ignoring obstacles and having fun in the tunnels, he decided to grab one of the hurdle poles in his mouth and have a run around with it, sending YouTube and the judges into melt down again with his heart-warming, hilarious performance. There were many wonderful participants and winners at Crufts, yet the one who broke the rules has yet again become a YouTube sensation, featured in national and international press and on TV stations around the world, whilst bringing a smile to many faces all in the name of charity. In a world where many strive for perfection Kratu has shown us that its ok to be different, in fact it’s great! The team at PAAW embrace those who challenge the status quo and dare to be different, good job Kratu, don’t change anytime soon, we love you.   You can read more about Tess and Kratu at: https://www.kratutherescuedog.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/kratutherescuedog/ https://twitter.com/Kraturescuedog https://www.instagram.com/kratutherescuedog/
Burly Bear: Call for creative PUPS

Hello Friends I’m looking to recruit some VIP pups for a charity initiative “Dog Stories 2020”, and a bit of four-legged bonding over the coming weeks, that I’ve been working on with PAAW House and The Dogvine. As some of you know I have been involved with PAAW House since they launched and when I’m not gracing the red carpet I love hanging out with Vinnie and helping him organise events on behalf of their charities.  I’ve met lots of the StreetVet and Wild at Heart Foundation doggies and I even got to go on an adventure to Battersea Dogs and Cats home with Phil, Lucky and the StreetVet team earlier this year. I’m also a big fan of the Dogvine and rarely go to unknown venues without first checking for their bark of approval. As much as I love getting out and about its clear that we will all need to keep a low profile and spend more time indoors for the foreseeable future, fear not Burlings, I’ve had a little idea which we can all take part in for charity. As PAAW’s chief ambassador and a Dogvine addict I am looking to recruit a team of storytellers to put a fun book together which we will publish later this year in aid of The Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet. I will be sending details on Instagram very soon but in the meantime, this is my plan. I will be inviting you to join my team and write a short story, around 300 words, general dog stories (guidelines, topic ideas and rules listed below), submit your story via email to [email protected] together with good quality photos (ideally landscape) to compliment the tale. We will publish your submissions over the coming months on PAAW Magazine and The Dogvine, a little something to keep us entertained and occupied in these strange times. Published stories will be collated into a book and when life gets back to normal, we will be hosting a PAAW House x The Dogvine charity party to celebrate its launch. Contributors will of course be invited to attend as VIP guests and the DJ will be instructed that Who Let the Dogs Out is wholly inappropriate and off the play list.   We will be kicking off with a story about a very special rescue dog and after that its over to you. I will be updating again very soon with some other thoughts and ideas as to how we can support each other and stay connected during this period of uncertainty. Love Burly Bear Dog Story category suggestions: Human animal bond/emotional support – tell us about what your dog means to you, the bond you have

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Games & PAAWzzles

Welcome to our daily game and paawzzle page, pet inspired word, logic, number and picture puzzles to complete and exercise your brain. 01. Our fur-st challenge is spot the difference… Can you find all 7 difference between the 2 images below: Below are the answers, but make sure you don’t cheat! 02. Can you help Vinnie find the way to the kennel? Let us know if you find the right route in the comments below. Don’t get lost in the maze!!! 03. Today’s challenge is a dog inspired zigzag word search. Good luck, hope you can find all the words. Below are the answers, but make sure you don’t cheat! 04. Can you spot how many dogs and how many cats are in the picture below? Answer: Dogs 12 Cats 14 05. Today’s challenge is to find the one dog of a kind? Answer is:
Coronavirus and pets

Yesterday I had a call from a journalist asking what steps if any I am taking to protect my dog against coronavirus, and if I am worried about him getting the virus. A lightbulb moment when I realised, I’m not actually going mad, and the recurring dream I’ve been having for two weeks where I’m in hospital and Vinnie is home alone with no-one to look after him, because they’re afraid to go near him is not the first sign. In reality I think the person who called was hoping to hear that he might be strutting around London in a little dog mask, which is not the case (yet), but as dog owners/parents these are questions that are playing on many minds recently.   At present there has only been one report of a dog testing weakly positive for the virus in Hong Kong, a spokesperson for Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said the pet dog had tested “weak positive” for the virus, but also noted that the AFCD “does not have any evidence that pet animals can be infected with coronavirus or be a source of infection to people”.  The dog is currently in quarantine and is being tested to see if it actually has the virus or if it is a result of “environmental contamination of the dog’s mouth and nose” according to the report.   The World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have both noted that at present there is no evidence that pets can be infected by the virus. “However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets,” WHO notes on its website. My main concern right now is not my dog actually contracting the virus, but what would happen to him if I got it, who would look after him, would he need to be quarantined? Concern for our loved ones in these scary times for many include their pets. Here’s hoping we wake up tomorrow and the whole thing was just a bad dream.   Sarah Robinson, founder of Frank and Jelly’s, a company who test and review dog products recommends having Leucillin handy at all times, do you have any thoughts or tips https://paaw.house/PetsNet/topic/coronavirus-and-pets/   Further reading on the topic from Vethelpdirect at: https://vethelpdirect.com/vetblog/2020/02/29/can-i-catch-coronavirus-from-my-pet/

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Bark Aid – Virtual Charity Dog Show

PAAW House are delighted to support Bark Aid, a virtual charity dog show organised by Dog Furiendly to raise funds for those affected by Coronavirus. The team at Dog Furiendly have partnered with dog related businesses across the UK, bringing everyone together to create a digital fundraiser. The virtual dog show called Bark Aid will raise funds for charities that desperately need support to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as Fare Share, who redistribute food to frontline charities, StreetVet, who provide support for homeless pet owners and Age UK the leading charity for older people, a full list of the charities supported is available at www.dogfuriendly.co.uk/barkaid. Dog owners can show off their beloved pooch by uploading photos in a series of fun categories from the comfort of their home. Each category will raise funds for a charity in need, and the lucky winners will have a chance to win rosettes and prizes sponsored by dog-related businesses across the UK. The campaign also rallies support from dog influencers such as @barry_the_puggy and @kratutherescuedog who we recently featured https://paaw.house/kratu-the-rescue-dog-dog-stories/ following his show stopping appearance at Crufts, as well as some of our own PAAW canine crew, including chief ambassador @burlybearpom and @paaw_vinnie. Entries for ‘Bark Aid’ cost £1.50 per category and are open from now until 23rd April 2020. Founder of Dog Furiendly Adele Pember said: “We all know that this virus is having devastating effects on our society, which means we need to find innovative ways to bring people together to support others. “Events have been cancelled up and down the country that raise crucial funds for charities, who are feeling the pressure and supporting the nation through this tough time. “We’re a nation of dog lovers, so many of us will be taking comfort with them and no doubt, cute photos during this uneasy time! So, to lend a helping paw we came up with Bark Aid, a virtual dog show to lift community spirits. We’re supporting over 20 charities who are all doing amazing work throughout this time to get our community back up on all four paws. Our tails are wagging to see so many photos!” Dog Furiendly is a new, interactive website for dog owners looking for places in the UK to take their 4-legged companions. They offer a comprehensive list of pubs, cafés, restaurants, shops, visitor attractions and events across the UK, which allow dogs on their premises. To enter the Bark Aid virtual dog show and for more information visit dogfuriendly.com/barkaid
Fetch and Follow, walk and talk

After two quiet weekends with the hatches battened down due to the stormy weather, we are looking forward to getting out and about this Sunday for a fun doggy meet up. Any PAAW friends joining? Dog Owners Winter Skincare Walk With Malin + Goetz and Fetch & Follow – Sunday 23rd February 2020, in aid of WIRES Wildlife Rescue. Winter dog walks can play havoc with one’s skin. As well as the immediate effects – dry face, chapped lips or cracked hands being just a few of the perils – spending prolonged time outdoors can also affect the health and condition of skin over time too. However, the dog won’t walk himself, so London dog lifestyle brand Fetch & Follow have once again joined forces with their apothecary associates Malin + Goetz for a winter skincare themed walk, specifically with the dog owner in mind. Taking place Sunday 23rd February, dog owners and their four-legged friends will come together outside Broadway Market’s Pavilion Bakery, before making their way to Malin + Goetz’s newest store at Boxpark, Shoreditch via Haggerston Park. Once in-store, the knowledgeable team at Malin + Goetz with offer tips and advice for dog owners on how to best care for their skin in the winter months, alongside complimentary hand massage with their lovely new multi-purpose Meadowfoam Oil Balm. This is the latest instalment in Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk series, where hounds and their humans are invited for a group walk to strike up new conversations, forge four-legged friendships and enjoy time with their canine-loving kinfolk. The ‘Dog Owners Winter Skincare Walk With Malin + Goetz and Fetch & Follow’ takes place on Sunday 23rd February, starting 9.30am. A ticket for one adult and one dog is priced £5, with all profits being donated to WIRES Wildlife Rescue to assist wildlife affected by Australia’s devasting bushfires. Book at this link on Fetchandfollow.com and follow the adventure @Fetchandfollow.